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Volume 1, No. 1: January 1983

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Title & Author Page
Ultrathin TLD Measurement of Alpha Dose-rate and Comparison with Alpha Counting [PDF] 2
W. Weida
The Use of Flotation Techniques to Separate Quartz from Feldspar [PDF] 5
D. Miallier, S. Sanzelle, and J. Fain
Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) TL Dates – 1983 (I) [PDF] 7
E.L. Carranza, S.B. Legoas, A.V. Palacios, H.B. Echegaray, and B.M. Castillo
Continuation of "Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) TL Dates — 1983 (I)" & Bibliography [PDF] 9
Announcements [PDF] 11
  • 7th International Conference on Solid State Dosimetry (SSD7), Ottawa
  • 1983 Symposium on Archaeometry, Naples

Volume 1, No. 2: June 1983

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Advantages of Ge(Li) and Pure Ge Detectors in Gamma Spectrometry Measurement of U, Th, and K [PDF] 2
S. Sadasivan
Application of Quartz Thermoluminescence to the Understanding of Soil Processes [PDF] 5
K. Vares
TL Dating Service at the Durham TL Laboratory [PDF] 7
I. Bailiff
Thermoluminescence Research in India: A Review of Applications to Archaeology, Sediments and Meteorites [PDF] 8
A.K. Singhvi
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile TL Dates, 1983 (II) [PDF] 10
A. Román, A. Deza, and O. Brito
Bibliography [PDF] 13

Volume 1, No. 3: October 1983

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A Cathodoluminescence/x-ray Microprobe Study of Various Sediments from India and Antarctica [PDF] 2
S.R. Sutton and A.K. Singhvi
Comments on the Quotation of TL Dates [PDF] 5
D. Miallier, J. Fain, S. Sanzelle, and J. Evin
Letters & Bibliography [PDF] 10