Ancient TL
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Volume 2, No. 1: June 1984

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Title & Author Page
Non-linear growth: Allowance for alpha particle contribution [PDF] 2
M.J. Aitken
A new proposal for the expression of alpha efficiency in TL dating [PDF] 6
S.G.E. Bowman and D.J. Huntley
Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru) TL Dates – 1984 (I) [PDF] 9
A.P. Parra, E.L. Carranza, and D. Lavallée
Polonium loss from glasses prepared for alpha counting [PDF] 12
R.A. Akber, J.T. Hutton, and J.R. Prescott
Bibliography [PDF] 14

Volume 2, No. 2: September 1984

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Title & Author Page
TL Behaviour of Some Limestone Rocks [PDF] 1
G.W. Berger and H. Marshall
Rapid Thick Source Alpha Counting [PDF] 7
M.L. Readhead
Unusual Features of the Thermoluminescence Signal Profile for Sediments from beneath Lake George NSW [PDF] 10
A.J. Mortlock and D.M. Price
A Cautionary Note on the Measurement of Quartz TL Immediately After Irradiation [PDF] 14
B.W. Smith and J.R. Prescott
Bibliography [PDF] 19