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Volume 4, No. 1: August 1986

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Beta dose attenuation in thin layers [PDF] 1
R. Grün
A high performance TL disc [PDF] 9
R. Templer
Post wash effects in zircon [PDF] 9
S. Wheeler
Paleographical and stratigraphical inferences from TL properties of Saalian & Weichselian loess of NW Europe [PDF] 16
S. Balescu
Bibliography [PDF] 24
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Volume 4, No. 2: November 1986

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Linear regression of TL data [PDF] 26
G.W. Berger and D.J. Huntley
Extrapolation errors in linear regression [PDF] 31
A.D. Franklin
TL Networks: European Network on "Thermoluminescence Applied to Archaeology" [PDF] 36
V. Mejdahl and I. Bailiff
Bibliography and Erratum [PDF] 37

Volume 4, No. 3: December 1986

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Supplement: Date List [PDF] 38
A caution on laboratory illumination [PDF] 46
N.A. Spooner and J.R. Prescott
Application of ESR to the dating of subfossil shells from marine deposits [PDF] 49
A. Molodkov
Some remarks on fine-grain sample preparation for TL dating [PDF] 55
C. Geodicke
TL stratigraphy of loesses: Quartz and feldspar dosemeters within loessic deposits from Normandy, France [PDF] 61
S. Balescu
Bibliography [PDF] 68
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