Ancient TL
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Volume 5, No. 1: March 1987

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Title & Author Page
Study of the effect of pre-annealing on sediment TL using a technique of glow curve analysis [PDF] 1
N.C. Debenham
The effect of pre-annealing on sediment TL [PDF] 8
A.G. Wintle
Kinetic studies of quartz thermoluminescence as applied to sediment dating [PDF] 11
A.I. Shlukov and S.A. Shakhovets
Bibliography [PDF] 16

Volume 5, No. 2: July 1987

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Title & Author Page
Some remarks on "ESR dating of bones" [PDF] 1
R. Grün and H. Schwarcz
Internal radioactivity in quartz and feldspar grains [PDF] 10
V. Mejdahl
Bibliography [PDF] 18

Volume 5, No. 3: October 1987

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Title & Author Page
Alpha dose to a thin layer [PDF] 1
M.J. Aitken
Alpha effectiveness in ESR dating: a preliminary note on energy dependence [PDF] 4
R.G. Lyons
Alpha dose attenuation in thin layers [PDF] 6
R. Grün
Experimental TL techniques for the Inclusion method [PDF] 9
A.D. Franklin, W.F. Hornyak, and A. Tschirgi
Bibliography [PDF] 11