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Volume 6, No. 1: May 1988

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Recent addition of potassium: a potential source of error in calculating TL ages [PDF] 1
M.L. Readhead
A source of variability in the thermoluminescence of quartz [PDF] 5
N.A. Spooner and J.T. Hutton
Stopping power and range for alpha particles in SiO2 [PDF] 7
G. Valladas
More cautions on laboratory illumination [PDF] 9
B.W. Smith
Bibliography & Announcements [PDF] 10
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Volume 6, No. 2: October 1988

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A technique for the generation of three dimensional isometric glow curves from conventional glow curve records [PDF] 12
I.K. Kaul, S. SenGupta, and T. Sanyal
Dose-rate comparisons of sands for thermoluminescence dating [PDF] 15
A.G. Wintle and J.W.A. Dijkmans
The Nucleus' PCA board – a review [PDF] 18
D.J. Huntley
Bibliography, Erratum, Editorial, & Announcements [PDF] 19
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Supplement: Date List [PDF]

Volume 6, No. 3: December 1988

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Irradiation of loess samples at elevated temperatures [PDF] 22
A.G. Wintle and S.C. Packman
Bibliography [PDF] 24