Ancient TL
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Volume 7, No. 1: March 1989

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Title & Author Page
Alpha dose rate calculations in speleothem calcite: values of η and keff / kref [PDF] 1
R.G. Lyons and B.J. Brennan
Fractional bleaching of potassium feldspar from sediments and its role in equivalent dose determination [PDF] 5
J.W.A. Dijkmans and A.G. Wintle
A note on overcounting in alpha-counters and its elimination [PDF] 11
L. Zöller and E. Pernicka
110 °C TL peak records the ancient heat treatment of flint [PDF] 15
H.Y. Göksu, A. Weiser, and D.F. Regulla
The use of LEDs as an excitation source for photoluminescence dating of sediments [PDF] 18
N.R.J. Poolton and I.K. Bailiff
Computer Column, Bibliography, and Editorial [PDF] 21

Volume 7, No. 2: July 1989

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Title & Author Page
The validity of the laboratory reconstruction of palaeodose [PDF] 23
G. Hütt and J. Jaek
Treatment of error in plateau values – caveat emptor [PDF] 27
G.W. Berger and D.J. Huntley
Significant peak enhancement of the natural TL signal observed after short term storage at 75 °C [PDF] 30
M.L. Clarke and A.G. Wintle
Ranges of alpha particles in various media [PDF] 32
B.J. Brennan and R.G. Lyons
Comparison between fine-grain and ultrathin TLD in the measurement of alpha dose-rate [PDF] 38
W. Weida, X. Junding, and Z. Zhixin
Bibliography [PDF] 42

Volume 7, No. 3: October 1989

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Title & Author Page
Test data for exponential fits [PDF] 43
G.W. Berger and D.J. Huntley
A convenient method for preparation of fine-grain samples [PDF] 47
W. Weida and X. Junding
Infrared stimulated photoluminescence dating of sediments [PDF] 48
G. Hütt and J. Jaek
Bibliography & Announcements [PDF] 52
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