Ancient TL
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Volume 8, No. 1: March 1990

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Regression analysis of exponential palaeodose growth curves [PDF] 1
V. Poljakov and G. Hütt
Bibliography & Announcements [PDF] 3
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  • Meeting: 6th International Specialist Seminar on TL and ESR Dating
  • Meeting: 5th Nordic Conference on the Application of Scientific Methods in Archaeology
  • Meeting: Time and Environment
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Volume 8, No. 2: July 1990

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Title & Author Page
Moisture correction for annual gamma dose [PDF] 6
M.J. Aitken and J. Xie
Notes on a recently constructed TL system [PDF] 10
R.B. Galloway
Pairs precision required in alpha counting [PDF] 12
M.J. Aitken
Bibliography [PDF] 15

Volume 8, No. 3: October 1990

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Title & Author Page
Some characteristics of infrared emitting diodes relevant to luminescence dating [PDF] 16
N.A. Spooner and M. Franks
Dose response of the paramagnetic centre at g = 2.0007 in corals [PDF] 20
R. Grün
Regression and error analysis for a saturating-exponential-plus-linear model [PDF] 23
G.W. Berger
Internal dose rates of quartz grains separated from fault gouge [PDF] 26
R. Grün and C. Fenton
Isolation of the rapidly bleaching peak in quartz TL glow curves [PDF] 29
A.D. Franklin and W.F. Hornyak
Dating quartz sediments using the 325 °C TL peak: new spectral data [PDF] 32
J.R. Prescott and P.J. Fox
Comment, Bibliography, and Computer Column [PDF] 35
Announcements [PDF] 36
  • International Symposium on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR-1991), Riga
  • 2nd Southern-European Conference on Archaeometry, Athens
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