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Volume 9, No. 1: March 1991

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Title & Author Page
Cosmic ray dose rate determination using a portable gamma-ray spectrometer [PDF] 1
A. Bürgi and M. Flisch
Alternative laboratory illumination: 'gold' fluorescent tubes [PDF] 6
R.B. Galloway and H.J. Napier
Bibliography and Errata [PDF] 10
Computer Column: Computer networking for a TL dating research laboratory [PDF] 11
G.A. Ennis, S.L. Forman, and V.J. Bortolot

Volume 9, No. 2: July 1991

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Title & Author Page
A cautionary note: apparent sensitivity change resulting from curve fitting [PDF] 12
S-H. Li
ESR behaviour of the paramagnetic centre at g = 2.0018 in tooth enamel [PDF] 14
E.J. Rhodes and R. Grün
Zero thermoluminescence for zero age [PDF] 19
J.R. Prescott and R.A. Purvinskis
The hypothesis of mid-term fading and its trial on Chinese loess [PDF] 21
J. Xie and M.J. Aitken
Removal of the thermally unstable signal in optical dating of K-feldspar [PDF] 26
S-H. Li
Announcements, Bibliography & Errata [PDF] 30
  • International Symposium on Evolution of Deserts
  • Proceedings of a Quaternary Dating Workshop
  • Postdoctoral position in thermoluminescence and optical dating at Simon Fraser University
  • Interlaboratory Comparisons

Volume 9, No. 3: November 1991

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Title & Author Page
Improved detection of EPR signals used in quartz dating [PDF] 33
W.J. Rink and Y. Shimoyama
The effect of optical absorption on luminescence dating [PDF] 37
A.G. Wintle and G.A.T. Duller
On the selection of dose points for saturating exponential ESR/TL dose response curves [PDF] 40
R. Grün and E.J. Rhodes
The bleaching of latent optically stimulated luminescence [PDF] 47
R.B. Galloway
Sensitivity changes of luminescence signals from colluvial sediments after different bleaching procedures [PDF] 50
S-H. Li and A.G. Wintle
Bibliography [PDF] 54
Announcements [PDF] 56
  • Change of Address
  • Photomultiplier Tubes
  • Conferences
Supplement: Date List [PDF] 57