Ancient TL
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Volume 10, No. 1: March 1992

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Title & Author Page
Normalization of inclusion size quartz TL data [PDF] 1
A.D. Franklin and W.F. Hornyak
A device for centering samples in ESR measurement [PDF] 7
R.G. Lyons
The use of a single aliquot method for intercalibration between radioactive sources [PDF] 8
R.G. Lyons
Comment on: A cautionary note: apparent sensitvity change resulting from curve fitting [PDF] 12
E. Bulur and A.M. Özer
Symbols in TL & optical dating: provisional list [PDF] 15
M. Aitken
Bibliography [PDF] 17
Announcements [PDF] 18
  • 7th International Specialist Seminar on Thermoluminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (TED-93), Krems/Donau
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 1992, Durham
  • Errata

Volume 10, No. 2: July 1992

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Title & Author Page
Infrared stimulation of quartz [PDF] 19
M.A. Short and D.J. Huntley
The effect of shallow traps: a possible source of error in TL dating of sediments [PDF] 22
V. Mejdahl, A.I. Shlukov, S.A. Shakhovets, L.T. Voskovskaya, and H.G. Lyashenko
Bibliography & Announcements [PDF] 26
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Seminar: Change of venue and dates

Volume 10, No. 3: October 1992

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Title & Author Page
Observations on palæodose determination with burnt flints [PDF] 28
N. Mercier, H. Valladas, and G. Valladas
TL dating in the Holocene using red TL from quartz [PDF] 33
M. Montret, D. Miallier, S. Sanzelle, J. Faïn, Th. Pilleyre, and S. Soumana
Suggestions for minimum requirements for reporting ESR age estimates [PDF] 37
R. Grün
Estimation of accumulated dose and its uncertainties: potential pitfalls in curve fitting [PDF] 42
R.G. Lyons, B.J. Brennan, and P.L. Hosking
Simulations of saturating exponential ESR/TL dose response curves – weighting of intensity values by inverse variance [PDF] 50
R. Grün and E.J. Rhodes
Bibliography and Letters [PDF] 57