Ancient TL
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Volume 11, No. 1: March 1993

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Title & Author Page
Estimation of equivalent dose in thermoluminescence dating – the Australian slide method [PDF] 1
J.R. Prescott, D.J. Huntley, and J.T. Hutton
Exponential regressions for TL/ESR using regenerated dose response curves [PDF] 6
S. Sanzelle, J. Fain, D. Miallier, M. Montret, and Th. Pilleyre
Uncertainties involved in the measurement of TL intensities [PDF] 14
R. Grün and S.C. Packman
A model for mid-term fading in TL dating [PDF] 21
W. Hornyak, A. Franklin, and R. Chen
Selective bleach: an improved partial bleach technique for finding equivalent doses for TL dating of quartz sediments [PDF] 27
J.R. Prescott and B. Mojarrabi
Bibliography & Announcements [PDF] 31
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Volume 11, No. 2: October 1993

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Title & Author Page
A model for sensitivity change of IRSL signals [PDF] 33
S-H. Li and A.G. Wintle
High sensitivity TL spectra of quartz and feldspar [PDF] 36
P.D. Townsend, H.M. Rendell, and B.J. Luff
Important date/strange material [PDF] 40
R. Kaylor, J. Feathers, M. Gottfried, W.F. Hornyak, and A.D. Franklin
Collection of ESR samples from the interior of mammoth teeth causing minimal damage [PDF] 45
R. Grün and A. Lister
Cautions on the use of extended duration preheats in the optical dating of quartz [PDF] 47
R.G. Roberts, N.A. Spooner, and D.G. Questiaux
Bibliography and Letters [PDF] 55