Ancient TL
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Volume 12, No. 1: March 1994

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Title & Author Page
Sun bleaching of the red TL of quartz: preliminary observations [PDF] 1
D. Miallier, J. Fain, M. Montret, Th. Pilleyre, S. Sanzelle, and S. Soumana
Lack of interaction between the rapidly and slowly bleaching TL peaks in an Australian quartz [PDF] 5
A.D. Franklin
Bibliography [PDF] 10
Obituary † John Thomas Hutton [PDF] 11
Announcements [PDF] 12
  • International Symposium on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR-1994), Tallinn
Ancient TL: Index 1984 – 1993 [PDF] 13

Volume 12, No. 2: December 1994

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Title & Author Page
TL dating of fluvial quartz sands: a comparison of ages obtained at 325 °C and 375 °C [PDF] 20
D.M. Price
A test of the single aliquot method of equivalent dose determination for feldspar stimulated by green light [PDF] 24
J. Cutter, R.B. Galloway, J.C. Hodgson, and H.J. Napier
Tests of luminescence dating making use of paleomagnetic reversals [PDF] 28
D.J. Huntley, O.B. Lian, Hu Jinsheng, and J.R. Prescott
Use of UV-regenerated IRSL for normalization [PDF] 31
S-H. Li
An alpha irradiator for ESR dating [PDF] 35
R. Grün and O. Katzenberger-Apel
A simple semi-automatic TL apparatus of new design [PDF] 39
G. Valladas, N. Mercier, and R. Letuve
Thick-source alpha counting of peat [PDF] 41
D.J. Huntley
The influence of sample treatment on feldspar dose response [PDF] 43
R.B. Galloway and H.J. Napier
A cautionary note: use of 'water content' and 'depth for cosmic ray dose rate' in AGE and DATA programs [PDF] 50
R. Grün
Bibliography [PDF] 52
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 54
  • M.P. Richards
  • J. Hu
Announcements [PDF] 55
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 1995, Sussex
  • Abstract — B.S. Gorobets, Luminescence spectra of minerals