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Volume 16, No. 1: May 1998

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Title & Author Page
Green light-emitting diodes used for stimulation of luminescence [PDF] 1
R.B. Galloway and M.A. Neal
Distinguishing burnt from partly bleached unburnt quartz pebbles of Pedra Furada, Brazil [PDF] 5
M. Michab, H. Valladas, L. Froget, and N. Mercier
Some methodological techniques for luminescence imaging using an IPD [PDF] 11
C.J. McFee
Single-aliquot and single-grain optical dating confirm thermoluminescence age estimates at Malakunanja II rock shelter in northern Australia [PDF] 19
R. Roberts, H. Yoshida, R. Galbraith, G. Laslett, R. Jones, and M. Smith
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 25
  • D. Banerjee
Announcements [PDF] 27
  • Symposium Inter-INQUA and Inter-IUSPP Tephrochronology and Coexistence Humans-Volcanoes
  • Introduction to Optical Dating by M.J. Aitken
Bibliography [PDF] 29

Volume 16, No. 2: December 1998

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Title & Author Page
Depletion of the quartz OSL signal using low photon energy stimulation [PDF] 33
R.M. Bailey
Dose-rate conversion factors: update [PDF] 37
G. Adamiec and M. Aitken
Dose determination on fossil tooth enamel using ESR spectrum deconvolution with Gaussian and Lorentzian peak shapes [PDF] 51
R. Grün
An assessment of the Levenberg-Marquardt fitting algorithm on saturating exponential data sets [PDF] 57
R.B. Hayes, E.H. Haskell, and G.H. Kenner
Improvements in infra-red dating of partially bleached sediments – the 'Differential' Partial Bleach Technique [PDF] 63
A.K. Singhvi and A. Lang
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 73
  • R. Bailey
Announcements [PDF] 75
  • 9th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (LED 1999), Rome
Bibliography [PDF] 77