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Volume 17, No. 1: May 1999

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Title & Author Page
Spectral emission properties of some blue light-emitting diodes [PDF] 1
S.M. Brown, J. Casswell, R.B. Galloway, S. Haddon, and A. Moffat
Further comments on decay kinetics of isotropic radicals in carbonates [PDF] 5
S. Idrissi, M. Bentourkia, and R. Debuyst
Bleaching characteristics of some optically stimulated luminescence signals [PDF] 11
F. Preusser
Announcements [PDF] 15
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  • 31st International Geological Congress
Obituary † Miro Ivanovich [PDF] 17
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 18
  • D-G. Hong
Supplement: Date List [PDF] 19
Date List 6: Luminescence dates for Late Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery assemblages in eastern and northern Britain [PDF] 23
S.M. Barnett
Bibliography [PDF] 41

Volume 17, No. 2: December 1999

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Title & Author Page
The ROSY ESR dating program [PDF] 45
B.J. Brennan, W.J. Rink, E.M. Rule, H.P. Schwarcz, and W.V. Prestwich
ESR analysis of fluorescence bands in corals [PDF] 55
R. Grün, S. Finlay, and M.T. McCulloch
Sampling in waterlogged sands with a simple hand-operated corer [PDF] 59
J. Wallinga and J. van der Stay
Obituary † Huang Peihua [PDF] 63
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 65
  • R. Hayes
Bibliography [PDF] 67