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Volume 18, No. 1: June 2000

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Title & Author Page
An alternative model for open system U-series/ESR age calculations: (closed system U-series)-ESR, CSUS-ESR [PDF] 1
R. Grün
Thermoluminescence and afterglow color images from ancient pottery pieces [PDF] 5
T. Hashimoto, E. Nishiyama, and T. Mitsuji
Cosmic ray dose rates for luminescence and ESR dating: measured with a scintillation counter [PDF] 11
J.R Prescott and R.W. Clay
HF treatment for the isolation of fine grain quartz for luminescence dating [PDF] 15
S. Prasad
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 19
  • E. Folz
  • H. Zhiyong
  • E. Vartanian
Bibliography [PDF] 23

Volume 18, No. 2: December 2000

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Title & Author Page
Cosmic ray contribution to environmental dose rates with varying overburden thickness [PDF] 27
K. Munyikwa
Red thermoluminescence (RTL) in volcanic quartz: development of a high sensitivity detection system and some preliminary findings [PDF] 35
M. Fattahi and S. Stokes
The use of sodium lamps for low-intensity laboratory safelighting for optical dating [PDF] 45
N.A. Spooner, D.G. Questiaux, and M.J. Aitken
Date List 7: Luminescence dates for Prehistoric and Proto-Historic pottery from the American Southwest [PDF] 51
J.K. Feathers
Obituary † Galina Hütt [PDF] 63
Notice 64
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 65
  • M. Chitchambo
Bibliography [PDF] 67