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Volume 20, No. 1: June 2002

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Title & Author Page
Does limestone show useful optically stimulated luminescence? [PDF] 1
R.B. Galloway
Thick source alpha counting: the measurement of thorium [PDF] 7
H. Sjostrand and J.R. Prescott
Authenticating marble structure with thermoluminescence [PDF] 11
K. Polikreti, C.T. Michael, and Y. Maniatis
Color images of infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) from granite slices exposed to radiations [PDF] 19
T. Hashimoto, H. Usuda, and T. Yawata
Absorbed dose fraction for 87Rb β particles [PDF] 25
M.L. Readhead
Announcements [PDF] 29
  • Jubilee Aitken – an eightieth birthday celebration
  • SFU age list
  • 10th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (LED 2002), Reno
Bibliography [PDF] 33

Volume 20, No. 2: December 2002

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Title & Author Page
Yet another note on laboratory lighting [PDF] 39
D.J. Huntley and M.R. Baril
Detection of far-red IRSL from loess [PDF] 41
Z-P. Lai, L. Arnold, S. Stokes, R. Bailey, and M. Fattahi
Addendum to "Absorbed dose fraction for 87Rb β particles" [PDF] 47
M.L. Readhead
A note on the variance of a background corrected OSL count [PDF] 49
R. Galbraith
The luminescence dating laboratory at the University of Bonn: equipment and procedures [PDF] 53
B. Mauz, T. Bode, E. Mainz, H. Blanchard, W. Hilger, R. Dikau, and L. Zöller
Technical Note [PDF] 63
Obituary † John C. Alldred [PDF] 65
Bibliography [PDF] 67