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Volume 24, No. 1: June 2006

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Title & Author Page
Spatial variation of dose rate from beta sources as measured using single grains [PDF] 1
M. Ballarini, A.G. Wintle, and J. Wallinga
Analysis of quartz LM-OSL curves [PDF] 9
Supplement [ZIP]
J.H. Choi, G.A.T. Duller, and A.G. Wintle
An effective and reusable sampling pipe for luminescence dating [PDF] 21
H.N. Chandel, A.D. Patel, H.R. Vaghela, and G.P. Ubale
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 23
  • S. Ante
Bibliography [PDF] 25
Announcements [PDF] 31
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 2006, Liverpool

Volume 24, No. 2: December 2006

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Title & Author Page
Use of magnetic separation for purifying quartz for luminescence dating [PDF] 33
N. Porat
A linear modulation OSL study of the unstable ultrafast component in samples from Glacial Lake Hitchcock, Massachusetts, United States [PDF] 37
R.J. Goble and T.M. Rittenour
The alpha effectiveness in silt-sized quartz: New data obtained by single and multiple aliquot protocols [PDF] 47
B. Mauz, S.C. Packman, and A. Lang
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 53
  • L. Arnold
  • G.S. Polymeris
  • K. Westaway
Bibliography [PDF] 57
Letters – Thoughts arising from "Choi, Duller and Wintle: Analysis of quartz LM-OSL curves. Ancient TL 24, 9-20 (2006)" [PDF] 69
Announcements [PDF] 71
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 2007, Sheffield