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Volume 26, No. 1: June 2008

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Editorial [PDF] 1
How many equivalent dose values are needed to obtain a reproducible distribution? [PDF] 3
H. Rodnight
LED laboratory lighting [PDF] 11
G.W. Berger
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 15
  • S. Huot
  • D.A. Bush
Research Theses Online [PDF] 17
Bibliography [PDF] 19
Institute of Physics Awards 2008 [PDF] 27

Volume 26, No. 2: December 2008

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Title & Author Page
A note on spurious luminescence from silicone oil [PDF] 29
D.A.G. Vandenberghe, M. Jain, and A.S. Murray
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 33
  • C. Boulter
  • A. Huntriss
  • M. Duval
  • A.H. Nielsen
Bibliography [PDF] 37
Announcements [PDF] 49
  • International Symposium on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation (LUMDETR-2009), Kraków
  • 1st Luminescence in Archaeology International Symposium (LAIS), Delphi
  • Japanese Meeting on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating and Dosimetry 2009