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Volume 31, No. 1: June 2013

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Title & Author Page
Quantification of cross-bleaching during infrared (IR) light stimulation [PDF] 1
Supplement [PDF]
S. Kreutzer, D. Hulle, K.J. Thomsen, A. Hilgers, A. Kadereit, and M. Fuchs
A practical guide to the R package Luminescence [PDF] 11
Supplement [ZIP]
M. Dietze, S. Kreutzer, M.C. Fuchs, C. Burow, M. Fischer, and C. Schmidt
Methods to reduce sample carrier contamination for luminescence measurements [PDF] 19
Supplement [PDF]
L.M. Simkins, R. DeWitt, and A. Simms
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 29
  • Christoph Schmidt
Bibliography [PDF] 31
Announcements [PDF] 39
  • 14th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (LED 2014), Montréal
  • German Luminescence and ESR Meeting (DLED 2013), Freiberg

Volume 31, No. 2: December 2013

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Title & Author Page
R package numOSL: numeric routines for optically stimulated luminescence [PDF] 41
J. Peng, Z.B. Dong, F.Q. Han, H. Long, and X.J. Liu
Optimising the reproducibility of measurements of the post-IR IRSL signal from single-grains of K-feldspar for dating [PDF] 49
R.K. Smedley and G.A.T. Duller
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 59
  • Z. Gong
  • J.A. Durcan
  • A. Medialdea
  • Y. Chen
  • C. Leighton
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 63
Announcements [PDF] 73
  • International Conference on Luminescence and ESR Dosimetry (LumiDoz-8), Ankara