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Volume 32, No. 1: June 2014

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A further note on the variance of a background-corrected OSL count [PDF] 1
R. Galbraith
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 5
Obituary † Steven Stokes [PDF] 15

Volume 32, No. 2: December 2014

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A simple Bayesian method for assessing the standard error of equivalent dose estimates [PDF] 17
Supplement [DOC]
J. Peng and Z.B. Dong
What to do when carbonate replaced water: Carb, the model for estimating the dose rate of carbonate-rich samples [PDF] 24
Supplement [ZIP]
B. Mauz and D. Hoffmann
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 33
  • A. Artesani
  • T.H. Freiesleben
  • M. Frouin
  • X. Fu
  • S. Kreutzer
  • J. Moffatt
  • M.Z. Öztürk
  • R.R. Rocca
  • R. Shrestha
  • L.M. Simkins
  • R.K. Smedley
  • R. Wang
  • Y. Zhou
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  • XIX INQUA, Nagoya