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Volume 34, No. 1: June 2016

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External beta dose rates to mineral grains in shell-rich sediment [PDF] 1
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A.C. Cunningham
Source and characteristics of blue, infrared (IR), and post-IR IR stimulated signals from gypsum-rich samples [PDF] 6
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L. Clark-Balzan
Sources of variability in single grain dose recovery experiments: Insights from Moroccan and Australian samples [PDF] 14
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N. Doerschner, M. Hernandez, and K.E. Fitzsimmons
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 26
  • S. al Khasawneh
  • L. Bickel
  • A. Bonneau
  • K. Rodrigues
  • S-L. Tang
  • A.K. Tyagi
  • P. Urbanová
  • J. Zhang
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 32
Announcements [PDF] 42
  • German Luminescence and ESR Meeting (DLED 2016), Emmendingen
  • 15th International Conference on Luminescence and Electron Spin Resonance Dating (LED 2017), Cape Town

Volume 34, No. 2: December 2016

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IRSL dating of fast-fading sanidine feldspars from Sulawesi, Indonesia [PDF] 1
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B. Li, R.G. Roberts, A. Brumm, Y-J. Guo, B. Hakim, M. Ramli, M. Aubert, R. Grün, J-X. Zhao, and E.W. Saptomo
Bayesian statistics in luminescence dating: The 'baSAR'-model and its implementation in the R package 'Luminescence' [PDF] 14
Supplement [ZIP]Citation [BIB]References [BIB]
N. Mercier, S. Kreutzer, C. Christophe, G. Guérin, P. Guibert, C. Lahaye, P. Lanos, A. Philippe, and C. Tribolo
RLumShiny – A graphical user interface for the R package 'Luminescence' [PDF] 22
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C. Burow, S. Kreutzer, M. Dietze, M.C. Fuchs, M. Fischer, C. Schmidt, and H. Brückner
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 33
  • H.A. de Abreu Andrade
  • X. Bao
  • V.E. Arias
  • S. Sharma
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 36