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Volume 37, No. 1: June 2019

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How reliable are our beta-source calibrations? [PDF] 1
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C. Tribolo, S. Kreutzer, and N. Mercier
Athermal stability, bleaching behavior and dose response of luminescence signals from almandine and kyanite [PDF] 11
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I. del Río, A.O. Sawakuchi, D. Giordano, T.D. Mineli, L. Nogueira, T. Abede, and D. Atencio
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 22
  • C.E. Buckland
  • L. Eddey
  • G. Jenkins
  • M. Li
  • I. del Río
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 26
Announcements [PDF] 38
  • German Luminescence and ESR Meeting (DLED 2019), Mainz
  • 7th Symposium on Archaeometry of the Hellenic Society for Archaeometry
  • UK Luminescence and ESR Meeting 2019, Roskilde
  • Invitation to contribute to Special Issue

Volume 37, No. 2: December 2019

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Title & Author Page
'RCarb': Dose Rate Modelling of Carbonate-Rich Samples – an Implementation of Carb in R – [PDF] 1
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S. Kreutzer, B. Mauz, L. Martin, and N. Mercier
Luminescence as a Relative Dating Tool: Part A – Theory [PDF] 9
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E.G. Highcock, A.G.E. Hood, and J.-L. Schwenninger
Luminescence as a Relative Dating Tool: Part B – Application [PDF] 14
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A.G.E. Hood, E.C. Köhler, E.G. Highcock, and J.-L. Schwenninger
LDAC: An Excel-based program for luminescence equivalent dose and burial age calculations [PDF] 21
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P. Liang and S.L. Forman
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 41
  • V. Fitzgerald
  • A.G.E. Hood
  • Y. Hu
  • J.A. Johnson
  • A.A. Romanyukha
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 44
Announcements [PDF] 62
  • 2020 JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting: Trapped-charge Dating Session
  • 43rd International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA 2020)
  • 2021 New World Luminescence Dating Workshop
  • Handbook of Luminescence Dating
  • Inter-Laboratory Comparison
  • Various Ancient TL Matters