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Volume 38, No. 1: June 2020

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Dose-Rate Estimation using α-Al2O3:C Chips: Aftermath [PDF] 1
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S. Kreutzer, C. Tribolo, L. Martin, and N. Mercier
Radiofluorescence of quartz from rocks and sediments and its correlation with thermoluminescence and optically stimulated luminescence sensitivities [PDF] 11
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P. Niyonzima, A.O. Sawakuchi, M. Jain, R. Kumar, T.D. Mineli, I. del Río, and F. Pupim
eM-Age (excel Macro for Age calculation), a new application for luminescence age calculation based on Dose Rate and Age Calculator (DRAC) and Analyst [PDF] 21
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C. Pérez-Garrido
Thesis Abstracts [PDF] 25
  • I.B. Arias
  • G. Faershtein
  • N. Horsburgh
  • J.S. de Jesus
  • Ş. Kaya-Keleş
  • X. Rui
  • J.A.S. Andrade
  • A. Srivastava
  • R.M.J. van Wees
Bibliography [PDF][RIS] 31
Announcements [PDF] 44
  • German Luminescence and ESR Meeting (DLED 2020), Leipzig