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Issue 14 (Winter)

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Title & Author Page
On the Local and International Calibration of Beta Sources for TL Dating 2
B.W. Smith and J.R. Prescott
A Method for the Determination of Th-U Concentration Ratio 4
M. Martini
Isolation of Fine Grains by Dilute Aqua Regia 9
L.H. Hou
Physical Research Laboratory TL Dates – 1981 (I) 10
D.P. Agrawal, N. Bhandari, B.B. Lal, and A.K. Singhvi
Readers' Clues and Queries 11
Some Recent Bibliography 12
TL Laboratory Survey 12

Issue 15 (Spring)

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Title & Author Page
An Inexpensive Method for Separating Quartz from Clay 2
B. Gaulin and F.T. Hedgcock
Publication of Thermoluminescence Date Lists 6
Physical Research Laboratory TL Dates – 1981 (II) 6
Y.P. Sharma, A.K. Singhvi, and D.P. Agrawal
Some Recent Bibliography 8
The 1982 Symposium on Archaeometry (Bradford) 9
Report on the 1981 Symposium for Archaeometry (Brookhaven) 10
Danish Research Councils' Archaeometry Project Reprint List (1977 – 1981) 11

Issue 16 (Summer)

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Title & Author Page
Instructions to Contributors 1
Light Bleaching of Archaeological Flint Samples: A Warning 2
J. Huxtable
TL Laboratory Survey Results 5
A Letter to Ancient TL Readers 10
K. Stammers
Third Specialist Seminar on Thermoluminescence Dating – First Circular 11
Some Recent Bibliography 11