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Issue 17

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Title & Author Page
Third Specialist Seminar on TL and ESR Dating 1
A Micro-computerised TL System 2
D.C.W. Sanderson
TL Dating of Calcrete Ovenstones 7
J.R. Prescott
An Open Letter to Ancient TL Readers
Y. Göksu-Ögelman
Corrections and Additions to the TL Laboratory Listing 8
Some Recent Bibliography 9

Issue 18

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Title & Author Page
Interlaboratory Study of Potassium Contents using Gamma Spectrometric and Atomic Absorption Analyses and Comparison with Grain Size 2
H. Prószyńzka, M.A. Miller, and A.G. Wintle
Purity Testing of TL Mineral Separates by Cathodoluminescence 5
S.R. Sutton
5 Spurious Tidbits 7
G.W. Berger, T.A. Brown, D.J. Huntley, and A.G. Wintle
Some Recent Bibliography 10