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In analogy of the CRAN task view lists, this list provides an overview of freely available tools for trapped charge (dating) data analysis (e.g., luminescence and ESR data). Tasks, software tools and data repositories are ordered alphabetically. URLs are automatically tested every time this list is updated, information from R packages are extracted and updated automatically from CRAN (version, description).

Not listed are:

  • Single scripts (e.g., functions or XLS-sheets usually without a dedicated name)
  • Software not accessible free of charge through the internet

If your software is missing or you did spot a mistake, please let me know via

Mission tasks

Total number of listed tools: 36

Age calculation

Chronological modelling

Data mining

  • INQUA Dunes Atlas
    Collection of luminescence ages from sand dunes world wide
    Lancaster, N., Wolfe, S., Thomas, D., Bristow, C., Bubenzer, O., Burrough, S., Duller, G., Halfen, A., Hesse, P., Roskin, J., Singhvi, A., Tsoar, H., Tripaldi, A., Yang, X., Zárate, M., 2015. The INQUA Dunes Atlas chronologic database. Quaternary International 410, 3–10. doi:
    Open cosmogenic nuclide and luminescence data database
    Codilean, A.T., Munack, H., Cohen, T.J., Saktura, W.M., Gray, A., Mudd, S.M., 2018. OCTOPUS: an open cosmogenic isotope and luminescence database. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 10, 2123–2139. doi:

Dose rate modelling


  • gamma [0.1] [2019-04-26]
    gamma is intended to process in-situ gamma-ray spectrometry measurements for luminescence dating. This package allows to import, inspect and (automatically) correct the energy scale of the spectrum. It provides methods for estimating the gamma dose rate by the use of a calibration curve. This package only supports Canberra CNF and TKA files. | Source code:
    Frerebeau, N, Lebrun, B., Guérin, G., Lahaye, C., 2019. gamma: Dose Rate Estimation from In-Situ Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Measurements for Luminescence Dating.,

ESR data analysis

Gamma-ray spectrometry

Luminescence data analysis

Luminescence data visualisation




  • RLumShiny [0.2.2]
    A collection of ‘shiny’ applications for the R package ‘Luminescence’. These mainly, but not exclusively, include applications for plotting chronometric data from e.g. luminescence or radiocarbon dating. It further provides access to bootstraps tooltip and popover functionality and contains the ‘jscolor.js’ library with a custom ‘shiny’ output binding.
    Burow, C., Kreutzer, S., Dietze, M., Fuchs, M.C., Fischer, M., Schmidt, C., Brückner, H., 2016. RLumShiny - A graphical user interface for the R Package ’Luminescence’. Ancient TL 34, 22–32.


  • LumReader [0.1.0] [2017-01-27]
    A series of functions to estimate the detection windows of a luminescence reader based on the filters and the photomultiplier (PMT) selected. These functions also allow to simulate a luminescence experiment based on the thermoluminesce (TL) or the optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) properties of a material



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[0.1] Indicates the latest available version, here 0.1
This software is open source
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