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Luminescence and ESR Theses Online

The following research theses have been made available by their authors as PDFs. Please contact the Ancient TL Editor (Regina DeWitt) if you would like to add your thesis to this page.

Ankjaergaard, C. (2010)

Understanding optically stimulated charge movement in quartz and feldspar using time-resolved measurements (10.7 MB)

Baril, M.R. (2002)

Spectral investigations of luminescence in feldspars (5.3 MB)

Bøtter-Jensen, L. (1999)

Development of optically stimulated luminescence techniques using natural minerals and ceramics, and their application to retrospective dosimetry (1.8 MB)

Clark, P.A. (1994)

Isochron methods for luminescence dating in archaeology (7.4 MB)

Duller, G.A.T. (1992)

Luminescence chronology of raised marine terraces, south-west North Island, New Zealand (4.1 MB)

Durcan, J.A. (2012)

Luminescence dating of sediments in Punjab, Pakistan: implications for the collapse of the Harappan Civilisation (16.7 MB)

Freiesleben, T.H. (2021)

Developing and testing models for rock surface dating using optically stimulated luminescence (51.3 MB)

Fuchs, M. (2014)

Surface processes in response to tectonic and climatic forcing in the Pamir (11.9 MB)

Godfrey-Smith, D.I. (1991)

Optical dating studies of sediment extracts (10.4 MB)

Guérin, G. (2011)

Numerical simulations and modeling of dosimetric effects in Quaternary sediments: application to luminescence dating methods (17.1 MB)

Kalchgruber, R. (2002)

Alpha-Al2O3:C als Dosimeter zur Bestimmung der Dosisleistung bei der Lumineszenzdatierung (7.1 MB)

Kim, J.C. (2009)

Geochronology and geochemical characteristics of sediments at the Jeongokri archaeological site, Korea (3.4 MB)

Kumar, R. (2019)

A new understanding of luminescence processes in feldspar using novel site-selective spectroscopic techniques (13.9 MB)

Lauer, T. (2011)

Luminescence and infrared-radiofluorescence dating of fluvial deposits from the Rhine system – methodological aspects and new insights into Quaternary geochronology (3.7 MB)

Li, S.H. (1992)

Development and application of stimulated luminescence dating methods for sediments (33.8 MB)

Lopez, G.I. (2007)

The late Quaternary evolution of the Apalachicola barrier island complex, north-east Gulf of Mexico, as determined from optical dating (12.8 MB)

Murray, A.S. (1981)

Environmental radioactivity studies relevant to thermoluminescence dating (25.8 MB)

Nathan, R. (2010)

Numerical modelling of environmental dose rate and its application to trapped-charge dating (12.3 MB)

Neudorf, C.M. (2012)

Luminescence investigations into the time of final deposition of Toba volcanic ash and artefact-bearing alluvial sediments in the Middle Son Valley, Madhya Pradesh, India (50.7 MB)

Olley, J.M. (1994)

The use of 238U and 232Th decay series radionuclides in sediment tracing (34.8 MB)

Prasad, A.K. (2017)

Understanding defect related luminescence processes in wide bandgap materials using low temperature multi-spectroscopic techniques (20.2 MB)

Rodnight, H. (2006)

Developing a luminescence chronology for late Quaternary fluvial change in South African floodplain wetlands (12.8 MB)

Simkins, L. (2014)

Antarctic raised beaches: insight on geochronology, relative sea level, and coastal processes (11.7 MB)

Singarayer, J.S. (2003)

Linearly modulated optically stimulated luminescence of sedimentary quartz: Physical mechanisms and implications for dating (6.2 MB)

Smedley, R. (2014)

Testing the use of single grains of K-feldspar for luminescence dating of proglacial sediments in Patagonia (12.0 MB)

Thomsen, K.J. (2004)

Optically stimulated luminescence techniques in retrospective dosimetry using single grains of quartz extracted from unheated materials (11.4 MB)

Vandenberghe, D. (2004)

Investigation of the optically stimulated luminescence dating method for application to young geological sediments (4.0 MB)

Zöller, L. (1995)

Würm- und Rißlöß-Stratigraphie und Thermolumineszenz-Datierung in Süddeutschland und angrenzenden Gebieten (3.9 MB)